Obvious Solution

•May.19 • 1 Comment

I swear that this idea has been floating in my head for a while now.  But just like the snuggie and PODS (portable on demand storage system) that I of course also thought of first, I was unable to put my vision to paper.  This design integrates vertical wind turbines into the transmission line structures.This idea conquers the dilemma of marrying transmission lines to the clean energy source.  Genius!!  Hopefully this wont just be a photo shop file left on someones computer but that it will actually be built on a massive scale to help the world wash its hands of dirty, non-renewable fuels.

This design won this year’s Next Generation competition and with good reason.  See the treehugger full post here.


Energy Wasting Day?

•March.30 • 3 Comments

Dan Power is at it again for the annual energy wasting day.  I’m confused but I like it.

Captain Planet….

•March.30 • 2 Comments

he’s our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero!  What ever happened to this awesome mullet wearing environmental advocate.  Well you can watch episodes here and relive the adventure.

Mission Playground

•March.24 • 3 Comments

I have finally found an eco-friendly clothing company that isn’t just hemp and reprocessed waste.  Mission Playground is a clothing company that makes sustainable garments and educates through their clever artful messaging.  They are dedicated to encourage responsible environmental stewardship and use the earth as a place to recreate and play!  http://www.missionplayground.com



•March.10 • 2 Comments

The Academy Award-winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen just directed this new video for The Reality Campaign.  You may have seen these airing on tv latley.  I can’t get enough of this one.

mind the curb

•February.17 • 4 Comments

Some urban advertising techniques reminds me of upchucked blight.  When an advertising agency is only concerned about the bottom line they seldom think about the environmental impacts of their desire to get you to buy something that you usually don’t need.  However, this company has a refreshing angle on their advertising efforts.  They put it best “Curb offers a unique portfolio of sustainable media types that create maximum impact at minimal cost to the environment. Our creative team use solely natural earth elements to create everything from bespoke pieces to nationwide advertising campaigns”.   Their advertising medium includes sand, snow, grass, and bio based concrete stain. Check them out!





Fixie illuminated

•January.20 • 5 Comments

Shout out to my bike bros…Dusty, Jon, and Robert.  This fixie has integrated LEDs into the tube of the frame to allow some sort of luminesnce for night time enjoyment.  Pretty sweet design but probably not capable of adding enough light to see on its own. Bust or brillaint?  I would like to see what the bike pros say about this.